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Love Yours

Love Yours

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As part of the Earth Series, art is designed to reflect planet positivity, sustainability, and issue awareness. Our planet has provided us a place to grow, choose, learn, and live. The barriers and restraints in the present are not derived from the Earth, but us. We have utilized what we have been gifted and in result have prospered as a species. However, we have become entangled in our ways and lost sight in the importance of giving back and caring for our origins. Now is the time to see how crucial the Earth has been, is, and will be to our success and survival. Now is the time to see that the Earth is not just a resource, but our home. Now is the time to not just be thankful for life, but to give recognition to a core source of life. Earth is not just any planet, it is yours. Love yours.


  • Wisconsin, USA
  • Compostable Packaging
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