Giving Back

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." 

- Pablo Picasso 

Donations to The Nature Conservancy

By Any Meanz has been a member of The Nature Conservancy since 2023. For every item of clothing purchased, we donate $1 directly to the non-profit group. This group works to protect threatened ecosystems from commercial development, deforestation, and many other environmental threats in over 70 countries and territories. They are working to heal and preserve 650 million hectares of healthy land, 30 million hectares of freshwater, and 4 billion hectares of oceans. The group also has a plan to ensure a sustainable food supply for a rapidly increasing global population. We believe that this is one of the most impactful and dedicated organizations on the front lines of wide-scale environmental conservation. By Any Meanz stands with The Nature Conservancy's core values and supports their efforts.

Information retrieved from The Nature Conservancy

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